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Nice to meet you

I grew up in the North-western part of Germany. But unlike those crowded industrial urban hubs, I was lucky to enjoy the beautiful countryside. However, I moved to Cologne — not just for the city but also for studies. It was there that I discovered my passion for software development. And no matter how great Cologne’s tech scene was at that time, Berlin was still the place to be. So I packed my things again and here I am now.

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Photo of Moritz croching between two large Echinocactus grusonii specimen in Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Hawaii

My passion for the web started with designing interfaces and eventually bringing them to life with basic web technology. I decided to get a proper design degree at the Köln International School of Design, only to realise that this isn't for me and building and understanding software gets me way more excited. To push myself forward, I promptly started working as a freelance front-end developer and spend my entire spare time teaching myself in computer science.

After a couple of years working as a freelancer, I joined Razorfish in Berlin on web applications and microsites for international brands and campaigns. Two and a half years later, in fall 2016, I became part of the team at McKinsey & Company as a Digital Expert (I am still doing all-things JavaScript) helping to digitalize industries.

I always believed that if you want to achieve something, you just have to start doing it. If an opportunity seems too big, almost impossible or if it even scares me, I push myself into it. I like to develop and extend my skill set, exploring new technologies, and trying to master them. The same way I had back then pushed myself into web development, I recently started pushing myself into writing. Becoming an author is something I wanted to achieve for a long time; by the end of 2015 I finally made the jump and just started doing it. I still have a lot to learn (and to write), but I'm feeling dissatisfied and stuck if I don't keep on trying.

I am specialised in JavaScript — language specification, large-scale applications, architecture, and performance optimisation are my main interests. I also contribute to and publish my own open source projects. Next to writing articles, it is one way of giving something back to the community and work together with people from all around the world. I am an active member on StackOverflow, answering (and asking) questions on all front-end related topics.

All over the map

Besides all my digital work and activities I like to travel the world. One of my greatest goals is to visit each country, getting to know as many different cultures and people as possible. The internet is only one potential way for connecting and collaborating. But actually meeting people from different countries gives the anonymity of the internet a familiar face. I also like to keep track of my travels:

  • Germany

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

  • Netherlands

  • France

  • Luxembourg

  • Colombia

  • Belgium

  • Italy

  • Tunisia

  • Ecuador

  • USA

  • Poland

  • Peru

  • Cuba

  • Mexico

  • Austria

  • Croatia

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • United Kingdom

  • Hungary

  • Japan

  • Czech Republic

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Sweden

  • Slovenia

  • Romania

  • Canada

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Albania