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Hey there!

I am Moritz Kröger, Expert Associate Partner in the Software & Cloud Engineering Guild at
McKinsey & Company , where I work with our clients to launch successful digital products and accelerate their engineering excellence.

I lead software engineering teams and specialise in Web & Mobile Application Development, primarily — but not limited to — in the JavaScript ecosystem. With over 15 years of professional experience, I advise my clients on architecture, strategy, and building successful digital organisations and high-quality products.


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I really enjoy working on and building open source side projects. I mainly work on web applications and developer tools.

  • Logo of HappyPlants HappyPlants Link

    HappyPlants is a mobile-first, progressive web application which helps organising and keeping track of your plants. See the list of

  • Logo of Vue A11yDialog Vue A11yDialog Link

    Vue.js wrapper component for a11y-dialog supporting both Vue 3 and Vue 2.

  • Logo of Emoji Syntax Emoji Syntax Link

    An Atom editor package which adds customisable emoji to your syntax keywords. This started out as a joke and proof-of-concept but eventually grew into a small extension with over 11k downloads.

  • Logo of Papyrus Papyrus Link

    Unofficial Dropbox Paper desktop application using Electron


I used to write a bit about JavaScript engineering, but haven't gotten to it in a while. In case you want to know what my thoughts were back then, check these articles out: